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Animated short of the day: “Making Pad”

Oh its in poor taste, we know that to be true.  But it also features Steve Jobs’ in the role of a lifetime, as a cancer-stricken man on a mission.  It’s Making Pad, from the team that brought you the 2-million-view sensation, ‘Steve Jobs: Resurrection’

Some of the best games and apps for iOS are free right now on the App Store

While it hasn’t been officially announced by Apple, for the fifth anniversary of the App Store, many of the best and best-selling games and apps for iOS are free right now. Yes, free!

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Check out the first action packed trailer for ‘Jobs’, starring Ashton Kutcher 


Apple Releases Video About How iOS Apps Affect People Worldwide

Proof that Apple wants to turn Apple TV into a game console

Apple has been hanging on to Apple TV for years, while Apple TV owners and fans keep waiting patiently for the company to open the box up to developers, games and apps, but Apple hasn’t done it yet. Expectations were high this year during WWDC that Apple TV would finally get its due, but again, it didn’t happen.

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WWDC 2013: Apple announces iOS 7, a whole new look and way to use your iPhone

Calling it the biggest change to the iPhone since the launch of the iPhone, Apple today unveiled the highly anticipated iOS7. Not only does the whole thing have a new, sleek, minimalistic look, but all kinds of functions have been added, borrowed, improved or modified to improve the iOS experience.

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WWDC 2013: Apple’s new OS will be called ‘OS X Mavericks’, much faster, more bells and whistles


Right now, Apple is giving its WWDC 2013 keynote, where it’s showing off some new stuff for the year. Before they get to iOS 7, Apple was proud to show off the new version of OS X, which eschews the cat naming convention for… Top Gun? Or something. The new OS X will be called “Mavericks”, though Tim Cook did joke that it was going to be “Sea Lion”. Dammit, I want my operating systems named after sea animals.

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iOS 7 faces delays due to Jony Ives’ massive graphic overhaul

When Jony Ives took over as the lead UI designer for iOS last year after Scott Forstall got the boot, most people were automatically thinking of a massive graphical overhaul for the next version of iOS, and it sounds like that’s the case. The launch of iOS 7 is being pushed back until September as Ives replaces the familiar pseudo-realistic page tears and stitches with a more modern, minimal and flat, almost Windows Metro-like design.

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Guy has his laptop stolen in London, tracks it several months later in Iran

Once upon a time, a guy named Dom had his Macbook laptop and his iPad stolen in London. He never found the iPad, but his laptop had tracking software installed that would alert him of its whereabouts when it connected to the internet.

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Apple files a patent for a wrap-around screen iPhone

In non-April Fool’s Day related news, it looks like that Apple some time ago filed a patent for an iPhone that would have a curved, wrap-around display that uses both the front and back of the phone. We already know, as Apple has already said, that they’re working on a curved glass display for an iWatch, so this technology could be an extension of that.

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The next major version of iOS needs to look like this

Other than a few little changes, iOS has looked pretty much the same for years, even as Android, Windows and even Blackberry continue to boldly innovate. It’s time for Apple to shake things up a bit and give the mobile OS a fresh new look.


Why you’ll end up owning a smart watch and like it

Smart watches are coming and it won’t be long before they’re everywhere. The two big smartphone companies, Apple and Samsung are both working hard on smart watches and there will be imitators. If you think it’s silly, there are lots of good reasons to have the smart watch of the future, and you’ll probably wonder how you lived without one.

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