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Loch Ness Monster captured on satellite photography? Sure, why not.


Some amateur monster hunters found what looks like the outline of some kind of prehistoric beast swimming under the waters of Loch Ness in Scotland on Apple Maps, so obviously it’s Nessie. It sure does look compelling, and public satellite maps are always accurate and never ever have weird artifacts show up through incorrect image stitching. Not ever.

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Everything wants to kill you in Australia, including Apple Maps

Authorities in Australia have warned motorists not to trust Apple’s new Maps program, as its incorrect maps and shitty directions my cause bodily harm or death. One wrong turn on the way to grandma’s house and suddenly you’re flying off a cliff into a den of deadly alligators and poisonous spiders. It is Australia after all… that could really happen.

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Apple Maps accidentally outs secret Taiwanese military base

In the county of Hsinchu, Taiwan, the Taiwanese government has… er had… a top secret radar range to detect incoming Chinese missiles. It’s apparently been unknown to the outside world until Apple’s goofy Maps came along and showed the location of the radar range off as clear as day for all to see. Whoopsie.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook apologizes for Apple Maps sucking so hard

Ever since Steve Jobs’ return from NEXT put him back in the CEO chair during Apple’s second coming, the company’s unofficial motto has been “It just works”. But Siri didn’t just work and the new Maps app is sort of crappy, especially if you live or travel outside the US, where its directions suddenly become absolutely worthless. So today, Apple CEO Tim Cook released a public letter, apologizing for Maps and suggesting people using something like Bing or Google if they want something that just works.

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It’s not just you, Apple Maps does really suck that bad

It’s only been a little over 24 hours since iOS 6 dropped, bringing with it Apple’s own Maps program, and people are already getting hopelessly lost and confused by its directions. Sure it’s got Siri giving you turn by turn directions and pretty vectorized 3D graphics, but if it gets you lost, it’s not very good. It’s got one job…

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