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Apple starting to ban apps that reward social app whoring

Rewarding players with in-game credits and items for downloading other games and watching commercials is a creative way for app developers to make money, but everyone knows it’s annoying as hell. And with iOS 8 on its way, it looks like Apple is already starting to crack down on games and apps that coerce you into downloading other games and apps and watching video ads for in-game goodies, with several developers already reporting having even minor cosmetic updates disallowed by Apple because their apps use such practices.

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Rumor has it Apple will be abandoning the old traditional headphone jack for Lightning connector powered headphones

There are lots of reasons why Apple forked out a literal ton of money to buy Beats Audio, and the production chain rumor mill has cranked out well informed speculation that future iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches might be ditching the traditional headphone jack for headphones that would connect to the Lightning connector. Headphones with a Lightning connector would be able to do more than lower/increase volume, end calls and skip tracks. There could be specific app control or even the ability to set a specific app to start when they are connected. Since the Lightning jack can also receive power, not just send it, you could still charge a device by connecting it to your headphones while listening to music.

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On this 30th birthday of Tetris, let us not forget when Steve Wozniak was the supreme Tetris champion of the world

30 years ago today, the first version of Tetris was released, and it wasn’t long before it took off massively, becoming a major selling point for the NES and later for the Game Boy, which came packaged with the game. And when Tetris for Game Boy was the hottest thing around, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was so good, he sat permanently atop Nintendo Power’s list of top Tetris scores, to the point where he had to start making up fake names for them to even take his new high scores, because they were tired of seeing him dominate everyone else forever.

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Apple introduces a new OS X with tons of cool features, iOS 8 at WWDC

Today’s WWDC was expected to be all about the software, even though there were people as there always are, hoping it would be iWatch time. But what we got was a ton of information about OS X Yosemite (jokingly “almost” called “OS X Weed”), which brings iOS 7 design to OS X and a whole crapload of features to complete the Apple ecosystem, bringing an impressive amount of synchronicity between OS X and iOS. There was also a lot about iOS 8, which of course, connects nearly seamlessly to OS X now, has the Healthbook API to connect your future wearable devices (such as an iWatch) and the new Apple for Home environment to connect all of your future smart devices and appliances.

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Watch a new Mac Pro get filled with C4 and spectacularly destroyed

The new Mac Pro is a pretty resilient machine, right up until the C4 goes in.

Things you should know: How exactly do Macs and PCs differ?

Other than a dock vs a start menu, if someone asks you how PCs and Macs differ from each other, here’s some knowledge.

Apple likely to announce a smart home platform at WWDC

Last year, Apple announced iOS for your car, and with internet connected homes just around the corner, it’s likely that the rumors are true that Apple will be announcing a smart home platform to try and carve out a niche in a market that, barring a massive worldwide extinction event, is a near future inevitability. There are already smart thermostats, smart smoke detectors, smart appliance and smart door locks— all that stuff needs now is some sort of unifying platform, so you can control and sync these devices, and that’s the market Apple, Google and Microsoft are all aiming for. If you thought the smartphone market was big, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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So Apple wants to make sure you can’t drop the dime on the 5-0 by letting your phone camera be remotely disabled


Time to shop Samsung— a new patent recently filed by Apple would allow someone else within a certain physical proximity to disable your phone’s camera. The non-threatening part of this technology would allow movie theaters to disable phone cameras to prevent piracy or for teachers to disable camera phones during a test to prevent cheating, but the part that’s got everyone upset is that it could also be used by law enforcement to disable camera phones in a certain radius during protests, arrests or other police actions. 

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Apple reportedly dropping $3.2 bil on buying Beats, yo

While nothing will be officially confirmed until every bit of paperwork is signed, it appears that Apple will soon be purchasing headphone maker Beats, which perhaps is the smartest purchase they could have made right now. Giant tech companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft are acquiring companies all the time, but generally it’s for boring behind the scenes stuff— acquiring or securing patents, buying up some small piece of a supply chain, buying some small company for a minor piece of tech no one will notice. And unlike Facebook’s recent purchase of Oculus VR, Apple purchasing Beats seems like a no brainer— Apple sells a zillion iPhones, Beats makes really cool (and overpriced) headphones. But with Beats showing up on other phones and showing up the audio quality of the iPhone, this was exactly what Apple had to do to stay looking cool instead of turning into the Microsoft guy from the old Apple ads.

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Apple rolls out details on CarPlay, the in-car version of iOS

Last year, Apple announced iOS for cars, and this week, they unveiled more details on the system, now called CarPlay. It’s a highly simplified version of iOS with things like Messages, Maps and music controlled in large part by Siri. The OS doesn’t completely take over a car’s info screen, but works in tandem with auto manyfacturer’s own information system. Have your texts or emails read aloud, find music, get directions and navigate through third party apps like Spotify with your voice.

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Steve Woz thinks Apple should build an Android smartphone. He ain’t trollin’

Ever since day one of Apple, Steve Wozniak was very much at odds with how Steve Jobs wanted to run the company. Wozniak was all about free and open source, Jobs was about design and marketing and making money. So a couple times a year, Woz makes some comment that completely goes against what Apple is all about now, so it’s not surprising when he recently commented that Apple would be smart to make varieties of iPhone with Android. The problem with that is that Android is becoming less and less open source every day, with only the most basic OS framework as part of the current version, and that’s all mostly from 1.0 or 2.0, everything else is slowly being rolled into the Google Play powered closed-source you-gotta-pay-to-put-it-on-your-phones chunk of code. The future is quickly turning into whose ecosystem you’re buying into and Google’s not giving that away for free.

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iOS 8 will likely focus on health monitoring and compatibility with iWatch

According to a meeting Apple execs had with people at the FDA, the plans for iOS 8 include health monitoring, such as using tools in the phone’s hardware to monitor how much exercise you’re getting, as well as compatibility with the forthcoming iWatch and third party wearable devices to monitor things like heart rate, blood pressure, etc. iOS 8 will supposedly come bundled with an app called Healthbook to keep track of what lazy fuck you are. Yes, your iPhone is on its way to being a tricorder.

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Watch Steve Jobs demo the Macintosh to the public for the first time in 1984

At the annual Apple shareholder’s meeting in January 1984, Steve Jobs gives the world the first look at the Macintosh. 

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New Apple TV, possibly doubling as a game console, coming later this year

Apple got a lot of shit for the slow start of the Apple TV, but they hung in there, and now as the war for the living room heats up, they need to give the little black box a good update. And rumor has it that later this year, a brand new Apple TV will be hitting stores, with a huge update to the OS and possibly… hopefully… finally… include a game store, which would put Apple back into the game console market. Take that, Pippin.

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