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Check out the trailer for ‘The East’

Alexander Skarsgard and Ellen Page star in this fictional take on Anonymous, if Anonymous were a super secret elite hacker-for-hire group. Which they may be, I can’t tell you anything about that.


Remember, remember: Anonymous rallies at Parliament while Alan Moore sings

Today, on Guy Fawkes Day, thousands of people allied or sympathetic to Anonymous gathered in front of Parliament in their V for Vendetta Guy Fawkes masks while Alan Moore sang “The Decline of English Murder”, an original composition.

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Anonymous hacker group steals a boatload of Romney tax returns, will make them public. Shit just got serious.

The Obama campaign has been badgering Mitt Romney for months to release more than just two years of tax returns, accusing him of hiding something. Romney has dug his heels in, saying that he’s not gonna do it, because he doesn’t have to. But today, it looks like a well-organized Anonymous hacker group has broken into PricewaterhouseCoopers and stolen a shitload of Romney tax returns, which they will make public.

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French retailer files for trademark on Anonymous logo and slogan

Apparently, a French retailer called Early Flicker has put in trademark applications for both the Anonymous logo and slogan “We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.” What is Anonymous gonna do about it? Will anyone step forward to challenge the trademark, or is some French company gonna steal Anonymous like Ben Huh stole LOLcats?

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Anonymous declares war on marijuana prohibition

They’re calling the next steps of their process Phase 2. Phase 2 involves organizing marches in support of medical cannabis in as many locales as possible. There is another aspect of the plan—and it something more controversial. The group will reveal the identities and real motives of the “narco-warriors”. According to Anonymous, narco-warriors are the men, women and groups that benefit from keeping medical cannabis illegal. They are corporate lobbysist, politicians who accept payoffs, big pharma, prison contractors and anyone else that takes advantage of the dark, seedy side of our system’s medical marijuana legal standing. Anonymous will expose them to the public.

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Anon launches its own free-for-all pastebin site, the most popular and common pastebin site, has recently been taking a more active role in moderating and removing content from the site, which has prompted some users of Anonymous to create their own free-for-all alternative called AnonPaste.

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Anonymous threatens to “kill the Internet” on March 31. Good luck with all that.

Trying to show they’re still dangerous and relevant after getting thoroughly rogered by the FBI and CIA last month, Anonymous has announced that on March 31st, they plan on DDoSing the shit out of the world’s 13 DNS servers, shutting down the internet. Their plan would work much better I’m sure if they didn’t blab about it a week ahead of time.

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Was the AntiSec hacking spree an FBI front?

Shortly after the formation of LulzSec, an even more brazen project was launched called AntiSec. It went after cops, defense contractors, the FTC, the FBI and federal attorneys. But now we know that AntiSec happened after LulzSec leader Sabu was taken in and turned by the FBI. So was AntiSec an FBI front to try and trap Anonymous and LulzSec hackers?

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Is Anonymous creating its own OS? And why?

While Anonymous’ main operations include DDoSing the shit out of websites they don’t like, periodically, they dabble in Anon-themed side projects. The latest appears to be an Anon operating system, but the question is why? And why would anyone use an OS built by Anonymous, even if you were one of them?

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Not surprisingly, former LulzSec leader was a douchebag online and in real life

Former LulzSec leader Hector “Sabu” Monsegur doesn’t have a whole lot of friends these days after he turned against LulzSec and Anonymous to save his own ass, but even before his identity became known to the outside world, he apparently wasn’t very popular with his neighbors, either.

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How Anonymous may be planning on using DNS as a weapon

The takedown of LulzSec and several key Anon members has weakened some of Anonymous’ operations, but it’s also served to piss them off even further. Right now, their main weapon are DDoS attacks, but in the future, there are rumors that they may be trying to figure out how to use DNS— probably the biggest weakness in the current structure of the internet— as a weapon. A very nasty weapon.

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How the leader of LulzSec betrayed Anonymous to help the FBI

Today, the FBI arrested several members of LulzSec and Anonymous, all with the help of Hector “Sabu” Monsegnur, the 28 year old leader of LulzSec who was turned by the FBI into an informant that ended in arrests of LulzSec and Anonymous members in the US, Ireland and Great Britain.

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Anonymous hacks into FBI/Scotland Yard conference call on how to go after hackers

Embarrassing both the FBI and Scotland Yard in one go, Anonymous hacked into a conference call between the two agencies that was about how to go after hacking groups like Anonymous. 

"The FBI might be curious how we’re able to continuously read their internal comms for some time now," said one account controlled by the group on Twitter.

The call reveals British police and the FBI discussing the delay of court proceedings against two alleged members of the LulzSec hacking group, which attacked a number of sites in 2011 including the US Congress and UK Serious Organised Crime Agency.

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While I had to go into work today: Joe Paterno dies, Anonymous deletes, Gabby Giffords leaves Congress

Of all the days I had to go into work for overtime, it was anything but a slow news Sunday. First, former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno died, then Anonymous not only took down but deleted the whole fucking site until CBS got it restored a few hours later and then the announcement was made that Gabrielle Giffords was stepping down from her position in Congress.

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