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Scientifically accurate Spongebob Squarepants is horrifying, scientifically accurate

Sea sponges aren’t nearly as much fun as they’re made out to be in cartoons.

Saturday morning comics: The Common Room Animation Project

The Common Room Animation Project is a collaboration between 13 animators and spoken-word artist Talia Randall.

Inspired by the piece ‘Common Room’, each of the animators took on a segment of the poem, and worked on it with complete creative freedom.

The poem itself speaks of experiences that are very personal, and yet universal. Therefore, we chose to collaborate on a film which enables several designers and animators to share their personal views, experiences and interpretation of the poem.

Let this clever rap battle guide you towards either a PS4 or Xbox One

What’s better, the PS4 or Xbox One? Oliver Age 24 and Boyinaband rap battle to the death to decide!

Saturday Cartoons: Reaping For Dummies

Check out this grad-project made by a group of five students from the 3D design and animation course at Idèfagskolen, in Tønsberg Norway.

More Saturday cartoons: “Spoofs”

Spoofs is a short, sharp dose of lolz, starring your favourite superheroes, action stars & some epic surprises…

IHC After Dark music: Riptide “In the Middle of the Nite”

Fembots and Akira-style street-racing in this retrofuturistic music video.

Really long read of the day: The History of Robot Anime

Time to settle down with a nice cup of tea in my favorite White Base mug. At 50 pages or so, it’s a fairly lengthy but entertaining read if you’re into that sort of thing. 

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