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And now, here’s an adorable video of a pangolin cavorting in the mud

Kind of cute and kind of nightmarish at the same time.

In Denmark, they feed healthy giraffes to lions in front of schoolkids for fun and they don’t give a fuck

In news you may have heard already, a zoo in Denmark is getting a lot of shit after they decided to cull a healthy two year old giraffe by feeding it to a lion in front of excited schoolchildren. The zoo has repeatedly defended its actions by saying the giraffe’s genes were “over-represented” and turned down several offers to send the giraffe to another zoo by calling it a one of a kind educational experience. And you thought the Danes had gone soft over the years.

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Koalas, your mom, have male sex organs deep in their throat

During mating season, male koalas can let loose bellows that are way deeper than seem possible due to the koala’s size. This deep noise is pure sex to female koalas, getting their panties all moist and attracts them to the males over long distances, like if you were able to spontaneously croon with the deep baritone of Barry White whenever you wanted. As it turns out, male koalas can produce such sexy vibrations not because of the length of their larynx, but because of folds in the pharanyx just above the larynx, which makes them capable of going as low as 9.8 hz, a frequency that makes Barry White sound like a little girl.

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