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YouTube game reviewer TotalBiscuit reviews Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures

And this is now just begging for TotalBiscuit to make a video game that then can be reviewed by AVGN.

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Time for another Angry Video Game Nerd… with Atari Sports

In this brand spanking new AVGN, James loses his ever loving mind over Atari Sports

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Angry Video Game Nerd James Rolfe reads one of his most bizarre fan letters ever

So maybe English isn’t this guy’s first language… or his second. Or third.

AVGN and Motherfucker Mike review the Virtual Reality Stuntmaster, the worst VR thing ever

Not just the worst VR thing ever, but probably one of the worst products ever made ever. The video is a little over 14 minutes and about 11 or 12 of those minutes are spent just trying to figure out how to plug the damn thing in. It’s just awful in every way.


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AVGN reviews the pornographic games of the Atari 2600

Despite the fact that the 2600 was probably the worst console ever for making erotic video games, people tried. Oh Lord, did they try.

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