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Andrew Garfield surprises fan on stage at the Comic Com Amazing Spider-Man panel

It wouldn’t be surprising to have Andrew Garfield on the Amazing Spider-Man panel, but he decided that instead of just coming out, he jumped up on stage in a Spiderman costume acting like a Spidey fanboy stealing the mic. 

Rhys Ifans, who plays The Lizard in the movie, never made it to the panel. He was drunk and was arrested for battery after shoving a security guard right before the panel started.


The first look at Andrew Garfield in the Spiderman suit

Reportedly, when Andrew Garfield first put on the Spiderman suit for the first time, it was enough to drive him to tears. Whether the Spiderman reboot will result in tears for moviegoers is far out in the future, but Garfield does seem to wear the suit pretty well, even if it’s got flames on the gloves.


It’s official: This weird-looking British guy is the new Spiderman

Yeah, so I missed the obvious “Garfield is the new Spiderman” headline, but whatever like I care. In the casting race to see who would be the new Peter Parker in the more teenage-y Spiderman reboot, the winner is 27 year old British actor Andrew Garfield. Once again, the Brits are taking our jorbs.

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