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The real fun on New Year’s Eve was Kathy Griffin kissing Anderson Cooper’s crotch

I was watching Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve and I apparently missed the real action on CNN, where Kathy Griffin tried to kiss Anderson Cooper’s crotch at midnight and probably would have sucked him off on live TV if she were any drunker.

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CNN reporter Anderson Cooper comes out as gay, the world gasps in disbelief

And by “disbelief”, I mean “not any disbelief”. Today, in an email to fellow journalist Andrew Sullivan, Cooper wanted to let the world know that he’s gay and proud. Just another cog in the gaystream media if you ask me. Oh, and when the term “gaystream media” starts taking over Twitter, you heard it here first. TM

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CNN’s Anderson Cooper tries coffee, spinach and brussel sprouts for the first time

While you were at work doing real shit today, this is probably what your mom was watching. Apparently, Anderson Cooper doesn’t drink hot beverages and doesn’t eat green vegetables. So he’s gone his entire life never having had coffee or spinach, so he decided to try some. When did Anderson Cooper go from CNN’s hardcore journalist to this guy?


There’s something really special about watching Pee Wee Herman beat Anderson Cooper with a chair

Returning to SNL for the first time in 25 years, in this short, Pee Wee Herman goes out drinking with Andy Samberg and ends up fucking Anderson Cooper up with a wooden chair. Yup.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper dresses as a rabbit because the apes told him to

That’s what he’s saying anyway. A couple days ago, Cooper posted the above photo of himself in a rabbit suit on his Twitter feed, with the cryptic explanation that he was dressing like a rabbit because “they asked me to.”

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