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Columbus Day: How is this still a thing?

Last Week Tonight examines the history of Columbus Day in the US. Also, I totally support the idea of Frank Sinatra Day.

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New Nixon papers confirm that Richard Nixon really was a traitorous fuck of a human being


For decades, the idea that Richard Nixon purposely sabotaged peace talks between North and South Vietnam to embarrass Lyndon Johnson right before the 1968 presidential election were often dismissed as conspiracy theories. But with newly released Nixon papers, confirmed by conservative columnist George Will, it now appears to be fact that in 1968, Richard Nixon, as a private citizen, was able to persuade a South Vietnamese liaison to have the South walk away from peace talks brokered by President Johnson. Nixon’s interference with these negotiations violated President John Adams’s 1797 Logan Act, banning private citizens from intruding into official government negotiations with a foreign nation.

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It’s time to admit that the US judicial system is racist. There, I said it.

Throwing out the term “racist” these days I understand is nothing short of lobbing a verbal grenade, but with what’s going on currently in Ferguson, Missouri, what’s been going on for decades and decades after the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s, what continues to go on every day in this country— with blacks consistently receiving longer and harsher sentences than whites for the same crimes, with both white police officers and white citizens literally getting away with the murders of black citizens on a regular basis, it’s time to admit that not only is racism not only not even close to dead in America, according to data on crime, punishment and poverty, it’s getting worse. It’s not just Ferguson, it’s not just Trayvon Martin, it’s an epidemic that we keep trying to ignore. When a black man can’t even make it to the check-out line at Walmart with a toy gun without getting gunned down by police, there’s a fucking problem. And while white Republicans and Libertarians are losing their minds over imaginary or theoretical injustices, people wonder why entire black communities lose their minds when another unarmed black man is shot down in the streets without justice— when we’re not even one generation removed from the scenes of the late 1960s in which blacks were routinely hit with fire hoses and rubber bullets and attack dogs. Communities such as those in Ferguson, St. Louis and East St. Louis are some of the poorest in the nation, with generations and generations of crippling poverty with no apparent way out, and where a black person can grow up in the same city their whole lives, with the only white people they may ever personally encounter is one with a badge and a gun. Jesus fuck America, get your shit together and stop being afraid of each other. 

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The Strikingly Bizarre Patches of the Drug Enforcement Administration
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The Strikingly Bizarre Patches of the Drug Enforcement Administration

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Where is Gotham City and Metropolis exactly? New Jersey and Delaware? Ooookay.

When Batman and Superman were created, their respective home towns of Gotham City and Metropolis were invented as generic east coast American big cities, mostly being representative of New York, but also just like Christopher Nolan’s Gotham, incorporating parts of other east coast and midwest cities such as Pittsburgh, Chicago and Newark. Over the decades, as stories evolve, both Gotham and Metropolis have at times exhibited qualities that could put them nearly anywhere in the US, but they’re still at heart, northeastern metro areas. But where? According to many versions, New York exists alongside both Metropolis and Gotham, so where does that put the two fictional big cities? Despite the map above from 1978, neither town has ever officially been pinpointed on a map, though the header image, from an issue of ‘The World’s Greatest Heroes’, is probably about as accurate as it gets— if NYC exists in the DC universe, that puts Gotham in southern New Jersey and Metropolis just across the river, sitting on top of, or possibly right next to, Dover, Delaware. 

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CSPAN finally puts 9/11 Truthers on the air, has people call in with question and the results are hilarious


Oklahoma high school teacher shows up for the first day back to work drunk and pantsless. Stay classy Oklahoma teachers

Earlier this week, on the first day back to school for teachers, a Wagoner, Oklahoma teacher Lorie Ann Hill was arrested after a fellow teacher found her passed out drunk and sans pantalones on the first day back to school for teachers. Apparently, Ms Hill had been downing vodka in her car right before she went into the school, and the empty classroom I guess just seemed like the right place to go pantsless.

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Hungry yet? Watch Americans try food from Singapore.

Mmm, squid snacks, the only good I’ve ever eaten that required me to choke down vomit in order to finish.

George Carlin: “When you’re born in America, you’re given a front row ticket to the freak show”

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