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Georgia governor signs “GUNS GUNS EVERYWHERE” bill into law. No, not that Georgia, the one in the US

Georgia governor Nathan Deal today signed the Safe Carry Protection Act of 2014 into law, which is the most wide-sweeping pro-gun open carry piece of legislation anywhere currently in the US. The bill would allow guns in churches, bars, school zones, government buildings and airports. Because nothing prevents gun violence like letting anyone over the age of 21 pack heat wherever the hell they want, whether there’s kids, alcohol or both mixed in. The idea is that by allowing more armed citizens, it will deter those who might go all homicidal out of the fear that plenty of other bystanders will also be armed. 

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Supreme Court hears arguments in Aereo case, questions on the future of cloud computing at stake

While the Supreme Court may not hand a ruling in the case of broadcasters vs Aereo, the Justices showed a surprising level of tech savvy, with Justice Sotomayor asking what a ruling against Aereo would mean to the future of cloud computing services such as Google Drive and Dropbox. By using a complicated series of tiny antennae and encrypted hard drives, Aereo allows users to stream live TV through a computer. And because Aereo claims it’s merely providing technology for rent, not broadcasting content. Broadcasters argue that Aereo is simply using tech trickery to skirt copyright law and avoid paying broadcast fees.

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America’s right-wing militias have all got ragers for revolution after an armed standoff with the feds over cattle


What started as an old fashioned land dispute in the Nevada desert over some cattle last week turned into a crazed armed standoff between the federal government and armed right wing groups from around the country. Many anti-government websites were calling the standoff the first shots in the second American Revolution and that this was the federal government finally gone too far.

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Motion infographic of the day: Mass Incarceration in the US

Errbody’s going to jail up in here.

Oklahoma protesters threaten to “secdee” if Cosmos isn’t cancelled

Furious with Neil DeGrasse Tyson o their Fox channels and his anti-Creationist “knowledge” and his truthy “facts” have gotten a group of people in Oklahoma so hopping mad, they’ve threatened to secede from the Union if Cosmos isn’t pulled off the air. You know, to form a freer union with one god, one religion, where science is outlawed and the truth about what we know about the world squashed. Good times those will be.

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Signs! Signs! Signs! Here’s a montage of hundreds of signs seen during a road trip across the United States.

Also, here’s the multilingual Coca Cola Super Bowl commercial that pissed off way too many xenophobes on the internet

Coke got a weird reaction to this Super Bowl commercial of people singing “America the Beautiful” in a multitude of languages. A very beautiful ad unless you’re an asshole, which a lot of people on the internet are. Some of the people on a Twitter were trolls, many were sadly genuine.

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The 100 most and lest bible-minded cities in the US. Where does your city stack up?

I live right in the middle of the two cities listed in number 3. Ugh.. at least I know when I move next time it can’t get much worse.

See the full list here, based on a survey conducted by the American Bible Society

Today, a federal court gutted the shit out of net neutrality in the US

Today, a US Federal Court sided with Verizon, by saying that the FCC does not have the authority to enforce the doctrine of net neutrality, and ISPs have the right to throttle, choke or block traffic and data on their networks as they damn well see fit. So here’s a picture of a sad panda.

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