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Amazon will let users disable ads on the new line of Kindle Fires after all

The reason that Amazon can afford to drop the price of the Kindle Fire to $149 and introduce the larger Kindle Fire HD for $199, far cheaper than an iPad and cheaper than almost every other Android tablet is that every model is ad subsidized. When this was announced, Amazon also said there would be no way to turn ads off. Well that didn’t sit well with pretty much everybody.

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IHC Tech Reviews: Amazon Kindle Fire

As far as tablets go, right now there are a few options. You could get an iPad or you could try and find a decent Android tablet, of which there are only a couple out of dozens. The latest, hottest Android tablet is the Amazon Kindle Fire. But in a sea of Android tablets, is the Fire the one to beat and is it one worth getting? For the price, yes.

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Daily Discussion: The Kindle Fire launches today. You getting one? Do you have a tablet? How often do you use it?

Today is the day the Amazon Kindle Fire launches, the most anticipated tablet since the original iPad. It’s got a 7” screen, a good price and a lots of bells and whistles. But is it something you’d think about getting? Do you already have a tablet, and if so, how much do you use it?

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Amazon Kindle Fire unveiled with a $199 price tag

Amazon held their big tablet unveiling event this morning, launching the Amazon Kindle Fire, their first true tablet device and the Kindle Touch, a smaller, touchscreen version of the popular Kindle ebook reader. We’ve already covered many of the leaked features of the Fire, but the big surprise was the price. $199. Oh, the tablet wars are ON.

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What you can expect from Amazon’s tablet tomorrow

Tomorrow, Amazon will be announcing its first full tablet, and details of the thing have been leaking like crazy, so here’s what we know so you can look cool and informed tomorrow morning. It will be called the Amazon Kindle Fire, it will run Android (some had been holding out a remote hope that Amazon would revive webOS) and will be $250.

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