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Neil deGrasse Tyson talks about his short list of things he’d like to see solved before his death; believes that aliens may have visited Earth and concluded there was no intelligent life here.

NASA has released a free ebook on communicating with aliens

Titled Archaeology, Anthropology and Interstellar Communication and edited by SETI Director of Interstellar Message Composition Douglas Vakoch, the document draws on “issues at the core of contemporary archaeology and anthropology” to prepare us “for contact with an extraterrestrial civilization, should that day ever come.”

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Mysterious “light source” coming out of the Martian surface has amateur alien hunters all in a tizzy

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Sigourney Weaver grants likeness rights for an Ellen Ripley Action Figure

The toy company NECA has been doing some great things with the Aliens franchise lately, and as part of the 35th Anniversary celebration of the film, Sigourney Weaver has granted them the rights to her likeness, the first time she’s done so for an action figure.

DNA analysis of Paracas elongated skulls reveal… THEY’RE NOT HUMAN

In 1928, archaeologists discovered something very unusual in the deserts of Peru— a set of skulls, where the cranium had been incredibly elongated, and for nearly 100 years, it’s just been assumed that this was the result of cranial deformation, a practice that some groups have done throughout history. But the Paracas skulls differ from other naturally deformed skulls in that they don’t have the same volume as a normal skull, instead, the skulls are much bigger. In normal cases of cranial deformation, the skull volume is normal, only the shape is different. Now, using DNA analysis, these 3000 year old skulls appear to not be human. I’m not saying it’s aliens, but it’s probably aliens.

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"Danger Humans" imagines if the rest of the intelligent universe is terrified of us

Why do we always have to be the technologically primitive ones?

Former Canadian defense minister says aliens do exist

Canada’s former defense minister Paul Hellyer went on TV earlier this week to confirm that about 80 different species of extraterrestrials have been visiting Earth for thousands of years and they would share technology with us if we weren’t so crazy. Now you know.

This is the box of crazy: Found box contains one man’s drawings of a weird alien/angel encounter from 1977

"So a friend of mine found this box by the trash, it is full of wonderful, crazy illustrations. Clearly something happened to this guy that was very memorable. It measures roughly 29" by 38" and almost all the drawings are very large."

Half of the box just contains old letters, boring technical drawings and hand-drawn world maps. The other half is full of illustrations, sketches and description of one man’s bizarre encounter on night in Florida in 1977 with flying beast-serpent-angel alien creatures.

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US government finally admits to the existence of Area 51

Whether you call it Area 51 or Groom Lake, people have known the US government has had a super duper top secret facility out in the Nevada desert, though the government has always officially denied it until now. And now that Area 51 officially exists, what was there? Oh nothing, certainly no aliens, just U2 bomber stuff.

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According to the Russian navy, space aliens love our oceans


According to declassified documents from the Russian navy, extraterrestrials and UFOs are very real, but most of the encounters seem to happen in or above the ocean. That’s one thing we do have going for us… we’ve got a whole lot of water. So if you’re looking to spot some UFOs, just spend a lot of time on the ocean and you’ll probably see something eventually.

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IHC Game Reviews: Aliens: Colonial Marines

It seems like Gearbox software has a knack for taking vaporware games and turning them into reality. First with Duke Nukem Forever, and now with the ridiculously long developed Aliens: Colonial Marines. Duke Nukem Forever was widely considered a giant flop, which made lots of people pretty skeptical when they took over this property. Now that it’s out, how did they do? Is it a great entry in the Aliens mythos, or should it have stayed in development hell?

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