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So the good news is that caffeine and alcohol are good for keeping your chromosomes healthy

Like caffeine? Like alcohol? New research shows that both awesome substances in equal measure are good for helping your cells replicate by keeping your chromosome ends in tact. Does that make Four Loko the perfect drink?

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During Prohibition, your doctor could write you a prescription for medicinal booze

Way before the push for medicinal marijuana, during the days of Prohibition in the US, if you wanted your liquor fix, you could take your chances on the black market, or you could stroll down to your doctor’s office and get a prescription for medicinal booze. It’s for my glaucoma *hic*

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How to make a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster

I can’t verify that this actually tastes like having your brain smashed in by a slice of lemon wrapped round a large gold brick, but if it does, I’ll take all of them.


The world’s new strongest beer is 67.5% alcohol

The crown of the world’s strongest beer now rests on the flammable head of Brewmeister’s Snake Venom. It’s also about $80 a bottle, so it’s not like you’re going to try and get totally shitfaced on it unless you’re one of those people that already spends thousands on bottles of wine.

This unique beer is made with a plethora of malts including peat smoked malt, acid malt and chocolate malt. It is fermented using two types of yeast - ale yeast and champagne yeast in order to deliver a higher alcohol content. It is then painstakingly freeze concentrated. Tasting notes: Dark brown in colour with a nose of alcohol, whisky and hops.


I just made a Happy Halloween 6-pack to drink while watching scary movies tonight.
2x Rogue - Dead Guy (skeletons)2x Newcastle - Werewolf (werewolves)2x Shipyard - Pumpkinhead (headless horseman)

I just made a Happy Halloween 6-pack to drink while watching scary movies tonight.

2x Rogue - Dead Guy (skeletons)
2x Newcastle - Werewolf (werewolves)
2x Shipyard - Pumpkinhead (headless horseman)

Polish people have an American themed house party, pretty much nail it

So this group of college age friends in Poland decide they want to have an American-themed house party… there were flags and red plastic cups and fruit soda mixed with vodka and football jerseys and beer bongs and duckface pictures… yup. America, this is us.

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Meanwhile in Australia, some guys get together to prank their friend by filling all the plumbing in his house with beer

Please prank me.

Spine Vodka gives you some backbone

Spine Vodka is a exercise in product packaging from designer Johannes Schulz. The bottle features an integrated translucent spine with the ribcage. This design is above and beyond a regular 2D brand communication, it is more about the unique 3D design idea that supports the concept


Get Drunk, Make Blue Fire with Godzilla-branded Alcoholic Goodness

Few things in life will put you in the mood to kick-ass like the combination of alcohol and classic Godzilla/Kaiju movies.  Knowing this, and possibly wanting to start vicious brawls at the upcoming Godzilla movie’s opening night lines, an enterprising company has decided to pack 720 ml of fuel-grade, blue-flame producing grain alcohol in a “berserk … yet friendly” looking Godzilla bottle.

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