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Xenocerotops, the alien horned face dinosaur, discovered in Canada

Triceratops was a cool dinosaur, but the recently discovered xenocerotops is even cooler. Xenocerotops was so named upon its discovery because of its badass arrangement of facial horns that makes it look like something out of sci-fi.

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Canadian researchers cure cancer and nobody notices.

Dammit, we’ve just cured cancah! Why is no one listening?

Last week, researchers at the University of Alberta in Edmonton cured cancer, but I bet you haven’t heard about it. Despite what might be a solid way to treat a wide variety of cancer with no side effects, the mainstream media hasn’t said a peep about it. Why would that be? Because this cure is non-patentable and therefore pharmaceutical companies can’t make money from it, so they’re acting like it doesn’t exist.

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