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Samoan airline becomes the first to charge passengers by weight

For years, airlines have toyed with the idea of charging hefty passengers more for their seat, but a Samoan airline is the first to actually do it. Yes, Samoa, the Pacific nation that is stereotypically full of overweight islanders.

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The FCC is trying to convince more airlines to add in-flight WiFi

Most flights in the US don’t have in-flight WiFi, but that looks like it’s going to change rapidly. First, the FAA decided to start talking about loosening restrictions on electronic devices during take-off and landing and now the FCC wants to help all airlines to offer in-flight Wi-Fi. 

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If all airplanes boarded like this, boarding would take half the time

This Friday, me and the Mrs. are flying out to LA to see my newborn nephew, and while I like air travel, boarding is always a huge pain in the ass. But astrophysicist Dr. Jason Steffen figured out a better way. By seating people first one side of the plane, then the other and back and forth like that, you can almost completely eliminate the gridlock of two fat guys trying to squeeze together to put luggage in the overhead at the same time. It doesn’t eliminate people just standing there in the aisle looking like they’ve just had a lobotomy, but there are some things math can’t fix.


Day in the Life of a Blind Man

Blind Film Critic attempts airline travel from CT to CA. 

US Airways will make you believe that a man dressed in woman’s underwear can fly

When the unnamed old guy above took a flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Phoenix, he decided to dress smart and comfortably in a set of women’t blue lingerie and a small sheer sweater. And despite many a protest from his fellow US Airways passengers, he was allowed to board. 

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More airline fun: Southwest pilot gets in trouble for leaving mic on while he complains about the lack of hot flight attendants 

A pilot has been suspended after broadcasting a slur-filled rant about flight attendants over an air-traffic control frequency that stopped controllers from contacting other aircraft.


Guy claims that a Delta Airlines employee peed all over his luggage

When British man Sy Haze was flying from Heathrow to Minneapolis, it was bad enough that his bags went from London to Boston and then back to London while he was in Minnesota. To add insult to injury, when he finally got his bags back, they were soaking wet and reeking of piss, with toothpaste squirted all over everything and a bottle of aftershave missing. Pisser.


Nightmare fuel: Join the Mile High Club with Richard Simmons

New Zealand Air recently created a brand new safety lecture video for all of their flights that’s a little different than the normal flight attendent safety dance. I just noticed that I don’t think Richard Simmons has any genitals. How else can he wear shorts that small whilst dancing around and never have a ball sack flop out?


Pioneering Thai airline hires lovely ladyboy flight attendants

Most airlines have extremely high standards for flight attendants, and that’s no different with PC Air out of Thailand. The only difference with PC Air is that they actively recruit and hire male to female transgendered flight attendants, the first airline in the world to do so.

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JetBlue airline attendant quits in the most awesome way possible

When you work for an airline, there’s a number of awesome ways to publicly quit your job— and when JetBlue attendant finally had enough, he employed one of them in one of the most awesome examples of someone walking off the job ever.

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Great food is still being served on airlines… just not domestic (American) flights

If you’re on a flight across the US where food is served, you’ll notice that the food is utter shit. Peter Greenberg explores how some of the best food is still served on airlines, just on international flights, usually by non-American airlines. 

I remember when I was in high school, my family took a trip to Germany on Icelandair and not only were the stewardesses smoking hot, but their in-flight meals were fucking amazing.


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