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In this two minute commercial, a girl tries faking her first period and parental hilarity ensues

I used to like marshmallows…

Last Week Tonight clip of the day: John Oliver reads a biting letter from POM Wonderful

So the week before, Oliver called POM Wonderful “snake oil” and may or may not have said it contains dogs. So POM sent him a nice letter, so here it is.

Sunday afternoon flashback: “Hide Your Parents” Pog commercial from the 90s

And now, here’s a Chinese commercial for a magical corset that will give you magnificent cleavage of the people

The best Super Bowl commercial was this Doritos spot that wasn’t on TV

Every year, the Super Bowl is as almost just as much about the commercials than it is the sport, but in the Age of Internets, often companies put their best and brightest commercials on the internet instead of spending millions on a TVV spot that will only piss off old people. And this year, Doritos had this brilliant commercial, made by Australian director Tom Noakes as part of their “Crash the Super Bowl” ad contest. And it’s got finger glory holes, and it’s just incredible.

More Super Bowl commercials: Jamie Casino, attorney. What the actual fuck did I just watch? The most amazing two minutes ever.

It’s like Scorcese, Steven Seagal and Robert Rodriguez had a bastard test tube baby made out of fire and steel.


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