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A little Friday-night geekgasm: Neil deGrasse Tyson interviews Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman on Startalk Radio

I can’t think of many things I’d rather do than spend a few hours hanging out with these three guys.

Adam Savage shows off his Millipede arcade cabinetĀ 

I think I only ever played Millipede once or twice in the arcades. It didn’t seem to stick around very long, as compared to Centipede, which was carried by every arcade I visited. But, I had forgotten how absolutely manic the game is. It’s amazing the difficulty level you would put up with when you were using your own money to play.

Adam Savage builds a case for his replica Blade Runner pistol

This 30 minute video documents the entire 8 hour build process that Adam Savage went through on a carrying case for his replica Blade Runner pistol. He narrates the build along with Norm from It’s really amazing how quickly he can takeĀ an idea and transform it into a finished product.

Adam Savage talks about his obsession with the Blade Runner blaster

In this very special visit to Adam’s Cave, Adam goes in-depth about his passion for the Blade Runner blaster and tells the story of each of the variations of the prop he has in his collection. The evolution of his replica project over 25 years is an incredible story.

Submitted by Delsyd

Movie Model Making with Adam Savage

Another episode of Inside Adam Savage’s Cave, focusing on the model-making work he did at Industrial Light and Magic.

Watch Adam Savage build a Doctor Octopus costume for Patton Oswalt

It’s not only a seriously badass costume, built by one of the best around, but it’s the perfect costume choice for Patton Oswalt.

Submitted by Delsyd

Adam Savage, on why he has the only 24k gold plated C3PO in existence

Adam shows off the shiny gold-plated C-3PO that stands in the middle of his workshop. Learn about the process of vacuum metallizing that gave this chrome coating. Believe it or not, there’s an interesting story behind it!

Adam Savage’s quest to build the best replica Zorg gun from The Fifth Element

Adam Savage discusses his 13 year quest to build a replica of the Zorg ZF-1 super gun from the film The Fifth Element.


Watch Adam Savage’s excellent speech from the Reason Rally

I know some of you were at the Reason Rally in DC this past weekend, and I had drinks with you. But if you weren’t there, check out Adam Savage’s speech from the rally, which was probably one of the better talks out of a huge roster of some brilliant people who gave some excellent talks.

TED talk of the day: “How Simple Ideas Lead to Scientific Discoveries” by Adam Savage

Adam Savage walks through two spectacular examples of profound scientific discoveries that came from simple, creative methods anyone could have followed — Eratosthenes’ calculation of the Earth’s circumference around 200 BC and Hippolyte Fizeau’s measurement of the speed of light in 1849.

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