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Morning musical weirdness: Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” played at 33 rpm

Sort of haunting and beautiful and a bit Nirvana-like.

Morning news: Local news station airs woman’s giant cameltoe on TV

I guess because she didn’t want her face shown? CUT TO THE CAMELTOE.

America’s right-wing militias have all got ragers for revolution after an armed standoff with the feds over cattle


What started as an old fashioned land dispute in the Nevada desert over some cattle last week turned into a crazed armed standoff between the federal government and armed right wing groups from around the country. Many anti-government websites were calling the standoff the first shots in the second American Revolution and that this was the federal government finally gone too far.

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Drone Footage of Thrillseekers Slacklining 400 Feet Above the Moab Desert


Afternoon Music Video: Kollecktivet - When Will I Blossom?
For any of you Late Bloomers out there.

Loch Ness Monster captured on satellite photography? Sure, why not.


Some amateur monster hunters found what looks like the outline of some kind of prehistoric beast swimming under the waters of Loch Ness in Scotland on Apple Maps, so obviously it’s Nessie. It sure does look compelling, and public satellite maps are always accurate and never ever have weird artifacts show up through incorrect image stitching. Not ever.

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