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And in Alaska news, an Anchorage reporter quits live on the air after admitting to being the owner of the Anchorage Cannabis Club

Doing it right.

Morning short films: “Conscience”

A short piece about conscience and the choices we make.

Morning music: Murp “Thunder Silences the Bully”

Black Metal Anti Bully Song…..Because why not?

Watch Willie Nelson tell a story with a full deck of cards with this amazing card trick

Willie Nelson is indeed a wizard. This is the best ever.

Consciousness is at the core of our very existence. An intangible constant that underpins our experience of the world. But for centuries it has been the frustrating source of a seemingly impenetrable explanatory gap – it is largely a scientific mystery.

Is consciousness real? Could it be just an illusion manufactured in the theatre of our minds? And what use is it – why did it evolve in the first place? Professor Nicholas Humphrey explores the mystery.

Morning travel inspiration: “Turkey/Jump”

Travel video from a 2-week backpacking trip around Turkey with my sister, in July 2014.

This is in fact, the best damn Russian dashcam video ever.

And you think you’re day’s been bad?This guy got on the wrong side of Spongebob, Mickey and the squirrel from Ice Age.

Atoms as big as a mountain: Neutron stars explained

Neutron Stars are some of the most strangest things in the universe. Not quite massive enough to become black holes, they’re basically atoms as big as mountains with properties so extreme that it is mind-blowing. And if you get too close to a neutron star you are in big trouble…

This is what it looks like when you boil your GoPro just so you can see what it looks like to poach an egg in real time

This Japanese guy nearly destroyed his GoPro in the process, but for a worth cause.

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