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Today: Jesus is risen!
Tomorrow: LOL j/k

Happy Pre-April Fool’s Day!

How many Cadbury eggs and Peeps can a 50 caliber round go through?

Easter candy is the best, but it’s even better when you can shoot it with high caliber rounds.


Eight year old wins Peeps art contest with a diorama of the solar system

It’s almost Easter and Peeps aren’t worth eating, so you might as well make something useful out of them. An eight year old from Denver wowed the Denver Post with her diorama of the solar system made from Peeps. And she even included Pluto. Bonus points!

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Easter Bunny accidentally terrorizes children

Accidentally? The Easter Bunny is pretty fucking terrifying.

Alien, the Easter edition

The crew of the USS Chocstromo really should have seen this coming…


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