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CSPAN finally puts 9/11 Truthers on the air, has people call in with question and the results are hilarious


911 text messaging coming to the US in 2014

Right now, if you’ve got an emergency, you’ve got to call 911, but come 2014, you’ll be able to text your emergencies into the local police, fire and ambulance if that would work better for you. If you’re mute, or in a hostage situation, if you’re hog tied in the back of someone’s trunk… all good examples of lives that would be saved if you could text rather than call.

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No politicians invited to this year’s 9/11 Memorial event

As a decree from the 9/11 Memorial Foundation, no politicians at all are going to be invited to speak at this year’s 9/11 Memorial event. What with it being a presidential election year, and what looks like what’s going to be a nasty one at that, the Foundation decided that political rhetoric and stumping over a graveyard isn’t what they want. Good for them.

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