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4chan hacked!  Looks like m00t got into some trouble in Australian “waters” and some things went down, people were sacked,  etc.  All posts suspended, and threads about the “conflict” have been deleted out of order.  Anyone know more?  This is all I could save  -Neuroplay

4chan hacked!  Looks like m00t got into some trouble in Australian “waters” and some things went down, people were sacked,  etc.  All posts suspended, and threads about the “conflict” have been deleted out of order.  Anyone know more?  This is all I could save  -Neuroplay

4chan tricks people into bricking their brand new Xbox Ones

Spread out of 4chan, many Xbox One owners have been tricked into bricking their new consoles, with the promise that the six steps would unlock special, unpublished features. Instead, the glitch forces the Xbox into a permanent and endless loop of reboots that renders the system useless. Microsoft has not yet respond, so it’s unknown whether affected users will get some sort of fix or replacement.

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4chan once again hacks the Time PoTY vote, spells out “KJU GASCHAMBER” with the results

Last year, 4chan voters/hackers rigged the vote for Time’s Influential Person of the Year, putting 4chan founder “moot” on top and spelling out the phrase “MARBLECAKE ALSO THE GAME” with the first letters of the names of the choices. This year, they put North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in the number one spot, using the rest of the names to spell out “KJU GASCHAMBER”.

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Once again, 4chan is trolling Time’s Person of the Year voting

While the official ‘Person of the Year’ honor is an editorial one on the part of Time Magazine, for the last couple years they’ve been running an end of the year online poll to see who their readers think should be Person of the Year. And for the last couple years, 4chan has flexed their online influence to push the voting to their liking. And this year, they like Kim John Un. And who doesn’t, what with that gorgeous hair?


Fake Justin Bieber cancer rumor has Bieber fans shaving their heads

Anonymous 4chan trolls struck at Bieber fans recently, spreading a rumor across the internet, backed up only with faked screenshots of tweets from Entertainment Tonight and Justin Bieber, that the singer had cancer and the cool thing to do would be to shave your head to show solidarity.

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4chan just released a public API. God help us all.

For years, 4chan has a sort of formidable underground presence on the web, but fortunately for everyone, it’s been pretty much contained in the walls of But with today’s release of a 4chan public API, 4chan boards can now infiltrate other websites and even apps to display content from the boards on your phone.

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4chan user finds a grenade in the woods, tries unsuccessfully to detonate it. Evolution misses another one.

So this dumbass finds an old grenade in the woods, so what does he do? He takes a picture of it and then goes straight to 4chan for suggestions. He then tries several times to detonate it— pulls out the pin, puts it in the microwave, sets it on fire, hits it with a hammer and runs over it with his car. Sadly, the grenade didn’t go off and the poster survived.

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Christopher “moot” Poole talks about online privacy and identity at the Web 2.0 Summit

4chan and founder Chris Poole discusses the nature of online identity and how Facebook and Google+ got it wrong. I would add that I think FB is doing exactly what FB meant to do, but I agree that it was retarded for Google to set up G+ as a place where you could be different people to different people, but requires you to use your real name at all times. And then of course, if you want to be an anonymous douchebag, there’s always 4chan.

moot talks about 4chan, and interactivity at SXSW

At SXSW 2011, Christopher “moot” Poole, founder of 4chan, talks about interactivity on the web and his new interactive picture manipulation site, Also, I’m a little creeped out by the fact that he’s talking with his eyes closed for most of the video.


4chan’s moot finally unveils his new project,

For a few months, moot has been talking about and raising funding for his brand new non-4chan website called, but moot was mute on exactly what was. Well, it’s an imageboard, only with actually page styling and with the interactivity to not only post pictures, but to collaborate, using tools embedded into the site, to create silly photoshops, add stickers, text and other junk to the pics and re-upload them.

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