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Project update: My 3d-printed Fuck-Bot 5000 is complete!

Some of you may remember my project from last month, where I intended to make a working model of Red Letter Media’s Fuck-Bot 5000 character. It’s finished, and I just shipped it out to RLM this morning! The model itself took about 45 hours of printing and prototyping before I settled on this much bigger size. I also put about 30-40 hours into painting, circuit design, Arduino programming, and assembly. It ended up being a massive project, but I think the end result was pretty damned good. 

The dream is here, as you can now design and 3D print your own custom dildos

Want an easy way to create your own custom 3D printed dildos? Thanks to the Dildo Generator, you can now create the dildo of the dreams in your web browser. You can adjust the bezier curves to your liking, and the script then revolves the shape to create your very own orifice buster. Sure, you could easily do the same thing in any 3D modeling program, but in a pinch, the Dildo Generator will help you create a 3D file in a jiffy that you can then use in your Makerbot or what have you.


The ISS is getting a 3D printer for printing all kinds of plastic space stuff

With the next batch of astronauts going up to the ISS will also go the space station’s first espresso machine, but the space lounge in the sky is also getting another, cooler, more useful piece of technology— a 3D printer. As you can imagine, if you can get 3D printing working well in microgravity, it makes space station maintenance and upgrading far easier and cheaper. Some doo-dad that breaks and astronauts have to make do until a replacement part can be hand delivered from Earth? Or you could just print a replacement. 

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Interactive wall of 3D printed dongs dances to music. This is where the future has led us.

The “Penis Wall”, as it’s appropriately titled, consists of a grid of wagging and waving members that frolic to the tune of a Tchaikovsky song or in step with a viewer like a melange of giddy, little phallic creatures. Using an ultrasonic distance sensor, the wall can be programmed not only to dance, but to serve as a visualization for data, such as stock market patterns.


3D printed cast uses ultrasound to speed healing

The cast you see above might be the future of fixing broken bones. Instead of simply holding the limb stable while the bone heals, it also uses the magic of ultrasound to prompt the growth of new bone, drastically reducing the healing time. Plus, it’s 3D printed, which makes it cheap, and the lattice design is not only strong, it prevents that nasty plaster cast stink.

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Chinese company uses a giant 3D printer to print houses for around $5000

There are 3D printers for plastics and for food, and now a Chinese company has started 3D printing houses, using concrete and building debris, building things up layer by layer. Without much labor, the cost of each small house comes in around $5000. In 1908, Thomas Edison envisioned a future where entire houses could be poured into a mold on the cheap, and now with 3D printing, that could become a reality.

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Some guys convert a 3D printer into a tattoo machine. So if you’re looking to get into tattooing, you probably have about 20 years or less before you’re replaced by a robot

3D Printing is making practical effects more competitive with CGI effects

Sadly, the art of hand-made models for practical effects in films is dying. Filmmakers cite a lot of reasons. Cost and the time involved in model-building are usually the main reasons to go with CGI instead of a model shot. However, 3D printing is making practical effects cheaper and faster to the point where they can compete with CGI from a cost and time perspective.  This is a good thing overall, since the human brain is very good at detecting bad CGI. The days of completely hand-made models may long gone, but there is a good chance that practical effects are still here to stay for a while.

Adobe adds 3D printing support to Photoshop CC for Shapeways and Makerbot models

In an update to Photoshop CC last week, Adobe updated Photoshop’s 3D tools to add support for exporting 3D models. Photoshop has had rudimentary 3D model support for a while, and this update doesn’t make Photoshop a primary 3D modeling tool, but you’ll be able to add Photoshop to your workflow— as in you make your 3D model, bring it into PS for touch-up and finalization and then export it in a format either to send off to Shapeways or to print on a Makerbot printer.

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Will 3D printing change everything?

The future is coming! Some are calling it the 3rd or “3D Industrial Revolution”. But how does 3D Printing work, and what can you expect?

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