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Richard Donner confirms a Goonies sequel is in the works

Speaking to TMZ, director Richard Donner says that he has every intention on doing a sequel to the 1986 film The Goonies, and that he’s going to try to bring back as much of the original cast as possible. Can Jeff Cohen still do the truffle shuffle? Probably not too well anymore, but still super excited about this.

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IHC After Dark: 1970s-1980s CBS Special Presentation intro will either give you all the feels or it won’t

Unless you were born in the fucking 90s, then fuck you then.

Kevin Bacon explains the 1980s to millennials

Gen X is getting old and we’re facing a crisis in that the kids now in their 20s have no knowledge of, and often don’t care about the 80s. Kevin Bacon is here to change that.

Delta’s new 1980s themed in-flight safety video is more 80s per square inch than should be allowed by law

But damn I just love it anyway. Watch it all the way to the end. Unless you weren’t born until the 1990s, then you can go somewhere else for a few minutes.

Submitted by Wageslave

Watch Steve Jobs demo the Macintosh to the public for the first time in 1984

At the annual Apple shareholder’s meeting in January 1984, Steve Jobs gives the world the first look at the Macintosh. 

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Garbage Pail Kids documentary? Garbage Pail Kids documentary. Let’s do this.

30 years of puke, snot, poop and more…all gloriously wrapped up in a brand new documentary!  Click the link below to see how you can help make this project come to life!!


Monday morning wake-up call: Living Colour “Cult of Personality” (1988)

So, did you know there was a Rocky Horror Picture Show video game for the Commodore 64? There was.

It came out in 1985, and you could choose between Brad (the asshole) or Janet (the slut) and you had to wander around, collecting pieces of some machine to stop Frank Furter’s gay bondage transvestite quest for world domination or something.

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Free Movie Friday: ‘Street Trash’ (1987)

Terribly AWESOME movie from 1987, STREET TRASH. If you watch the whole 1:41:06 of it, then you did it.

IHC After Dark: Geraldo Rivera wants you to know the evils of Satanism

I found this old, yet hilarious excerpt of Geraldo’s show today after Facebook informed me that Amazon is having a 10% off sale on the Satanic Bible. I myself am an atheist, and seeing Rivera’s virulent questions and accusations met, with the intelligent and eloquent responses of Dr. Aquino, is quite satisfying(starts at 7:00). The entire “special” is in pieces and kinda long but it is worth watching, at least for a laugh at the anti-intellectualism of our society.

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