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Photoshop this Theme: Unlikely fake celebrity nudes (NSFW)

Making fake celebrity nude pics is one of the many joys of Photoshop. Hell, I think the very first thing I did in Photoshop ever was a fake celebrity nude, though I don’t remember who the target was now, only that it involved some doggy-style penetration. So for this week’s photoshoppery, I want you to think unlikely fake celebrity nudes. That is, fake celebrity nudes that someone would be unlikely to do either because the celeb is obscure, or because no one in their right mind would do it or because it’s so remotely likely that a nude pic of said person would surface.

Like this lovely Michelle Obama double-dicking picture I did sometime last year:

Now you might not think the First Lady would be all that unlikely, but surprisingly there aren’t any Michelle Obama nudes I could find, and certainly none involve double penetration. That’s why when I made it, I watermarked that shit. I’m proud of being the first person to do a photoshop of Michelle Obama taking it in both holes dammit.

This must be an ORIGINAL photoshop by you. I don’t care if it was done exclusively for this, but it must have been done by you. And it has to be someone that could be considered an unlikely candidate for a fake nude pic. And please for the love of god, don’t try to pass off some Megan Fox nude— it’s been done, and you probably didn’t do it and I’ll find out and it’ll be deleted and I’ll make an angry face.

Entries will be compiled into a new post this time next week.

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