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Bizarre comic book of the day: Foreskin Man

Circumcision’s been around for quite a long time and many parents just take it as a given that they should circumcise their sons, though there’s been a growing movement lately of people opposed to the practice. Foreskin Man, written by Matthew Hess definitely has an opinion on the subject— he’s sworn to protect the foreskins of baby boys and stop the practice of circumcision. Hence his battle with the evil “Mr. Mutilator” above.

Miles Hastwick is a former corporate scientist who now heads the Museum of Genital Integrity on a small island surrounded by San Diego’s famous beaches. Unbeknownst to the public, Miles is also Foreskin Man, an intactivist superhero who rescues innocent boys from the clutches of the world’s cleverest and most dangerous circumcisers.

You can read the entire first issue here, and it is surprisingly SFW. Truth, justice and intact foreskins!!!


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