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Will Smith wants to make the Bible better with vampires. Couldn’t hurt.

Now that Will Smith has successfully added his tween kung-fu son into The Karate Kid, he’s now got his eyes on the Bible. As in he wants to do a Bible story movie. With vampires. Hell, why not? Vampires are everywhere these days except the Bible.

Will Smith has attached himself to star in and produce The Legend Of Cain, an epic re-telling of the Biblical sibling tale, this time with a vampiric twist. Smith will play Cain, the original Bad Boy, and he will produce with Overbrook Entertainment partners Jada Pinkett Smith (his wife), James Lassiter, and Ken Stovitz. The script was written by Caleeb Pinkett and Dan Knauf, with Andrea Berloff revising. No studio or director yet for the Overbrook project.

Yeah, I think I can get down with Biblical vampires.


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