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A Clockwork Orange: The Musical is coming to London

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Anthony Burgess novel, A Clockwork Orange is coming to the stage in the UK. It’s not yet known to what extent the stage play will have the same sort of ultra-violence that is in both the book and the Stanley Kubrick film that got the movie pulled from distribution in the UK for over 20 years.

Burgess himself, who died in 1993, wrote the music for the stage show. Burgess was a keen composer as well as an author; the director of the International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Andrew Biswell, told the BBC that the music “establishes a tone and mood” and is “pretty close to West Side Story.”

Music plays a key role in both the book and film, as classical music is a passion of the violent protagonist, Alex. The script has been performed before, in 1990, by the Royal Shakespeare Company, however, it rejected Burgess’ music and instead chose to feature music by Bono and The Edge of U2.


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    It was mildly embarrassing that I went to a Halloween party with a friend dressed as Alex from A Clockwork Orange.
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    this would probably be a better opera than musical
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    i’m moving to london as soon at is it comes out and watching every single showing of it
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    I MUST be in London when this happens.
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