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Awesome new IHC thing: The live action comic book movie timeline

This is something I’ve been working on for a while now and it’s finally ready to be unveiled. It’s not quite as styled as I perhaps would have liked, but not everything has to be super fancy I suppose. Anyway, if you’ve ever been looking for one giant list of all the live-action movies and TV shows based on comic books and comic strips, here you go. Bookmark the shit for reference, because I’ll be updating it as new movies come out, get canceled etc.

Some interesting things to note— in the 1940s, comic-based serials were all the rage. Serials were not really TV movies nor were they feature-length films. They were short films that came out periodically (or serially) in theaters, instead of an actual TV show. So that sort of inflates the numbers from the 40s, since if they were decades later, they might have only been a few films or a TV series.

From there, there was a big lull in live action comic book adaptations in the late 50s to early 60s before the superhero explosion in the mid 70s, and then another lull in the 80s before superhero movies and TV shows started ramping up to the gluttony of comic book stuff in the 2000s.

Anyway, I ramble.

Check it out here

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