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German police training vultures to find dead bodies

Dogs have been used by law enforcement for a really long time and have been completely reliable sniffers in that time. But for trying to find dead bodies in wild areas and rough terrain, German police have begun to train vultures to go where it would be difficult for people and dogs.

Policeman Rainer Herrmann said: “It was a colleague of mine who got the idea from watching a nature programme.

“If it works, time could be saved when looking for dead bodies because the birds can cover a much vaster area than sniffer dogs or humans.”

Vultures have a keen sense of smell and are able to detect the scent of rotting flesh from 3,000ft up in the air.

They can even remains in woodland or in thick undergrowth and cover vast tracts of land. The first bird, Sherlock, is currently being trained to love the putrid smell of dead human flesh.


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