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Australian billionaire wants to build a real life Jurassic Park, kinda

While it may not be possible to clone dinosaurs that have been dead for millions of years, one Australian billionaire wants to do the next best thing— a Jurassic Park like theme park populated with advanced life sized robotic dinos. Hell, many of the dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park movie were animatronic, so it could work, and it would be far safer than the real thing.

Palmer Coolum Resort on the Sunshine Coast, north of Brisbane, Australia will be home to 165 robo-dinos. This includes a T-rex named Jeff and an omeisaurus called Bones. His second resort will be built in central China, and will house another 117 animatronic beasts, with swinging tails, heaving chests, and blinking eyes. Considering the T-rex in Times Square’s Toys R’ Us has been bending down and roaring at customers for years, you’d think Palmer would demand a little more bang for his buck.

Still, this isn’t Palmer’s only movie-themed ambition. He’s also in the works on Titanic II, which is not a sequel to the epic James Cameron historical drama, but an actual reconstruction of the doomed ship down to its Turkish Baths, smoking room, grand staircase, gymnasium, and levels split into three different classes. While you’d expect Palmer would be counted among the luxury first class, he’s reportedly looking forward to traveling in steerage, slumming like Titanic ‘s Rose did because Cameron taught us that’s where all the fun people are. “I will be in third class. I will enjoy it,” he told The Guardian.


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