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VinylLove for iPad gives your mp3s a fake warm vinyl sound

You remember vinyl records right? Someone just nodded their head and they’re a dirty 18 year old liar. Anyway, records were these things sort of like CDs, only bigger and made out of black vinyl plastic and the music was etched into grooves… okay I’m confusing you already. The point is that a lot of people fondly remember vinyl records and preferred the warmer, more organic sound over digital recordings. And now with VinylLove for iPad, you can give your mp3s a fake LP sound, so you can be cooler than everyone else.

VinylLove for iPad is a music app that beautifully mimics a record player—you can thumb through alphabetized crates of records (the songs on your library) and move the needle (to fast forward)—and doesn’t embarrass itself! In fact, it makes your music better. The very slight crackle and pops that are digitally added to your music turns all the songs on your iPad into more textured pieces, as if there’s a history to that mp3. Of course it’s a little bit gimmicky but they don’t overuse the effect.

Supposedly it sounds pretty damn good, and honestly I wouldn’t mind a filter like this for the iPod, and I do like the look of the records-in-a-milk crate type interface.



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