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Morning indie film trailer: ‘Residenz’

Residenz is a scifi-based online Web Series produced by Red Harvest Pictures. A unique and imaginative version of a post apocalyptic world situated in an unknown time and space, where a new breed of humans is controlled by an artificial intelligence. Residenz is situated in an underground megalopolis of unknown origins known as the Anthill, where an Artificial Intelligence called “Sequence 1” impacts every aspect of the inhabitants’ daily lives. Those who live here communicate telepathically and are advanced in many ways but have no memory of their early childhood years or their lives above ground. Many of them spend their time playing and creating elaborate interactive video games.

Shot entirely with practical visual effects and written with a non linear/multiple choice structure, Residenz is the new fronteer of interactive entertainment.

Twitter: residenz33

World Premiere of Episode I on April 27, 2013

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