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IHC Movie Reviews: Spring Breakers (2013)


Sometimes spending time in a artsy college town has its advantages. Case in point, seeing a pretty good flick about hot college chicks wearing skimpy outfits and robbing banks. Spring Breakers, a film about just that, is in limited release this weekend, and everywhere in a week. So how does it do? Is it worth the admission price, or should it serve its full jail sentence?

Ok, so the film premise is pretty thin. A group of hot, bored college girls (see images accompanying this review) want to have an epic spring break, but lack the funds to do so. After a failed attempt at procuring enough money, the group gets wrapped up with a rapper nicknamed Alien, who really sees how far they want to go to have the best spring break ever. And the film just escalates from there with some daring heists, and some other crime. That’s seriously the whole premise of the flick. Sure, there’s a few surprises towards the end, but its a really paper thin flick. But you know what? It works. Maybe because there’s so much eye candy you don’t pay attention to the glaring plot holes, but it works. Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, and a few other early 20 somethings are the main group, and actually pretty weird the first little while. Once you get past the creepyness of an ex-disney preteen idol wearing a swimsuit that contains less fabric than my wallet, it’s enjoyable though. They really don’t put anything in front of these girls that they can’t handle, which is smart. I don’t think any of them could act their way out of a wet paper bag, but that fact is hidden pretty well and makes their lackluster performances not so grating. But the script. Holy god is the script bad. There’s lines that would make pretty much anyone cringe with how awful they are. It doesn’t ruin the entire film, but it comes close. 


Now the meat of the flick. There’s guns, there’s some action scenes, there’s explosions. It’s all standard action fare, but it’s done just a smidge better than some of the other films that have come out over the past year or so. Granted, it’s not hard to do, but there just seems to be a little bit more time taken over all with the whole flick. It doesn’t seem like it was rushed out of the door for a quick buck, and it really maSo akes a mediocre film feel just a little better. And it really takes your mind off of how bad the rest of the flick is. It’s hard to dwell on how bad a scene just was when some slick gunplay and an explosion works its way on screen right after. 


So it’s a really hard film to dissect. The parts that are bad are pretty bad, but the parts that are good make you kind of forget just how bad it is. There’s a decent balance between them, and in the end it doesn’t really leave a strong impression one way or the other. It just seems like director Harmony Korine knew he had a turd on his hands, and he tried to polish it the best he could. Which, in the end, it did come out pretty shiny. It’s not award winning material by any means, but it’s a good flick worth the price of admission, and will more than likely keep most people entertained. 


So all in all, its a fun little action flick with some decently hot chicks blowing shit up and shooting guns. I had fun with it, and so did the group I went with. It’s nothing that’s super memorable, but its a film that just lets you turn your brain off, and enjoy some simple thrills. Just don’t expect to remember them too long after you’ve seen it. 

3 out of 5

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