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Guy gets a Netflix tattoo, gets a year of Netflix free

It’s been years since the dot com tattoo bubble, where people were getting brands tattoos on their bodies for all kinds of consolation prizes. So this guy gets a Netflix tattoo, tweeted a picture of it and Netflix gives him a free year of Netflix. Easy peasy.

Netflix tweeted me retweeted my Tattoo and gave me a free year tonight there is noway you can’t believe in Netflix gang now it’s a movement

@netflix I’m so excited I love Netflix can I get a follow back also

There is so many strangers in my mentions about this Netflix stuff lol they don’t understand the life

@netflix follow me back pleaseeee

huff post said they want to do a story!!!!!!!!!

i just got asked to do a story on web cam i dont think i have a web came here

who has a web cam?


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