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NVIDIA unveils the massive GT Titan graphics card

NVidia just released a GPU of biblical speed, and though I could bore you with boring stats, all you need to know is that it can run Crysis 3 on max settings across 3 monitors at a resolution of 5760-1080 and the massive GT Titan graphics card can easily power four 4K resolution displays at once.

With 2,688 CUDA cores, 6GB of GDDR5 RAM, and 7.1 billion transistors packed into the 10.5-inch frame, Titan’s capable of pushing 4,500 Gigaflops of raw power — NVIDIA’s pitching Titan as the means to “power the world’s first gaming supercomputers.” The company even showed off the Titan in its mightiest form, bootstrapped to two others running together (three-way SLI), which powers graphics showcase Crysis 3 running at its highest settings: a whopping 5760x1080 resolution across three monitors. Of course, a setup like that would cost you quite a pretty penny; just one GTX Titan costs $1,000, not to mention three (nor all the other hardware required to support it).


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