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Gorgeous iPhone Cases Made of Paper

It is rare to find really amazing art that is meant to be a functional piece of daily technology. These iPhone cases from Twig Case Co. are just that.

The cases are indeed made from paper. Well, technically it is called Richlite. Made from trees from Sweden and Brazil. These are the first cases to use Richlite and it is extremely strong. It is also extremely efficient in production.

For those objecting due to forestry or unsustainability concerns, rest easy. Each case is FSC and Rainforest Alliance certified, meaning that
the process is utilizing the responsible management of our planet’s wooden resources. The FSC is a non-profit organization that was created to stop the irresponsible foresting of the rainforest and other endangered areas.

For those looking for a unique and high-quality iPhone case, the choice is clear. These Twig Co. cases well designed and will last you beyond the life of the iPhone.

I know i am picking one up soon.

Buy It: My Favorite Twig Co Case

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