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The “Donate to an IHC reviewer who got his crap stolen” fund has started, here’s the info!

Last week, we told you about how IHC movie reviewer Joe Dissolvo had his laptop stolen and how it’s severely impacted his ability to do reviews for the site. Some people suggested a PayPal donation fund to help Mr. Dissolvo get back on the internet train, and so here it is. 

The goal is enough for just a workable laptop for now, not some top end gaming beast. Anything you can contribute will be appreciated, because these movies aren’t going to just review themselves. Well, some do. Like Adam Sandler’s Jack and Jill. That was a pretty obvious turd from the start.

From the mouth of Joe Dissolvo himself:

Here’s the PayPal email:

OfficialChuckTestaTaxidermy (a) gmail (d0t) com

Its an email just for my paypal endeavors, so it doesnt matter if it gets spammed like crazy.

And as a special thank you for those who donate, I’ll have a variety of things and services that I’m going to offer up. Ever wanted you’re own rock theme song written and recorded about you? I’ll do it. Need some graphic design work done? I’ll help ya out. Want me to make a video of my friends four year old daughter punching me in the nuts? It’s yours. I’ll be in touch with those who donate to make arrangements.

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