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If you play Rift, there’s now an IHC Rift guild

We’ve had a number of people ask about the possibility of an IHC Rift guild, and now we’ve got one. 

Here’s the details, courtesy of Singed:

Tired of your normal Guild to guild Life ?
Tired of the foolish Rift and time traveling monsters?
Tired of Poorly dressed Guardians who hate T.V ?

We don’t! Not here at THE TUB OF RUBBER DUCKS, Todrin’s New IHC Rift Guild. We are easy going, helpful and as random as a tornado out of a cat’s mouth.  

Join T.O.R.D today and Recive a free Internet high five !!!!

Server : Todrin

Speak to Singed , cowheap , or Xanthus TODAY :D to join

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