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Japanese company will let you rent your own security drone for $60/month

Everyone else is using drones, so why not you? Feel like a Nobel Peace Prize winner by patrolling your neighborhood with a quadrocopter drone for the low low price of $60/month!

Japanese security firm Secom is preparing to launch a new service that will let home and small business owners rent a quadcopter drone that the company claims will launch automatically in the event of a burglary, snapping pictures of the invaders and even capturing live video of them as the crime is in progress.

The drones would be just a part of a more traditional line of home security. When a breach is indicated by motion detectors or other more old school security methods, the quadcopter would activate and be dispatched to the scene of the break-in to get a firsthand, eye-in-the-sky look at things.

Secom hopes to launch the rent-a-drone business in Japanese markets beginning in early 2014. While rates of home burglary and violent crime are low in Japan, the company is also touting the drones as a cost-effective way to monitor large areas — like warehouses and industrial parks — without mounting legions of video cameras on every rooftop.


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