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Disney unveils ‘Disney Infinity’, bringing toys and tons of Disney characters into a multi-platform MMO

Last year, Disney teased something “really big” called Disney Infinity, and today they threw back the curtain on the project. It’s not just a Disney MMO, it’s a Disney MMO that spans PCs, tablets, mobile phones and game consoles, along with probably eventually hundreds, if not thousands of Disney and Pixar characters, along with interactive real world toys in a massive Disney experience.

The game, set for a June release, will integrate collectible physical toys into a sandbox game that can include the best of Disney’s and Pixar’s brands. Infinity will launch first on consoles, and will gradually become available on mobile and online devices throughout the rest of 2013. While no exact date was announced, a countdown on the game’s official website ends June 1.

Disney Infinity’s characters can “exist and interact in one game across” Windows PC, PlayStation 3, Wii, Wii U and Xbox 360 versions, as well as on tablets and mobile phones. The game will also support two-player co-op in “structured adventures” and up to four players in Toy Box mode.

The Disney Infinity platform will include an initial line of 40 collectible interactive pieces that will allow players to expand and customize their play experiences, as well as 17 character figures that can be used to bring new characters into the Toy Box mode of the game. Both items and characters will use an Infinity base to add experiences and worlds to the game. Disney Infinity Power Discs, 20 of which will be available at launch, can also be placed on the base to power up characters with unique abilities, customizations and gadgets.

The Disney Infinity starter pack — the game, the base and three figures — will sell for $74.99. Play Sets will cost $34.99, with three-packs of figures selling for $29.99, individual figures selling for $12.99 and blind packs of two random Power Discs selling for $4.99. Disney showed Power Discs today for Aladdin, Mickey Mouse, Brave, Bolt, Frankenweenie, Tangled, Kermit the Frog, Finding Nemo, Dumbo, Cinderella, Peter Pan and Tron: Uprising.

So yeah… they’re just getting warmed up. It sounds like they’re going to be mining their nearly 100 years of cartoons shorts, TV shows, live action films and animated films as well as characters and settings from all the Pixar movies and who the fuck knows… probably down the line, they’ll start including every other franchise Disney owns such as Star Wars and Marvel into the game. 

Even though the starter packs only include characters from Pirates of the Caribbean, Monsters Inc and The Incredibles, in the trailer below, they’ve also got characters from Wreck It Ralph, Toy Story, Cars and Phineas and Ferb. And that’s not even barely scratching the surface of the Disney universe. If you have any affinity at all for the Disney brand, it looks like Disney Infinity could very well consume your life for the rest of your life.


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