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Ok, so I asked for some advice about college and school overall, and I got some good advice I feel. Wanted to say thank you guys and now ask part 2 of my question. Has anyone here or a close friend/family member (not some random dude you met at a bar or some shit, CLOSE person) ever done an online college school and has some info on it. I temporarily went to an online high school and it was a joke. Main issue was it was hard to stay focused and not end up doing everything but school online. — asked by lnfadelity

My wife has. You have to do some research into schools and what’s important to you. For example, some traditional schools have online programs that are good, but the school’s online program is pretty new, so you have to put up with a lot of technical headaches. Then there are schools like the University of Phoenix that have the online system down really well, but the classes are a bit easier than a “normal” university. Also, a lot of people complain about Phoenix and its policy of having almost everything done in a group of students.

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