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CES 2013: Here’s the first iPhone 5 battery case… finally

Normally, with a brand new iPhone launch, consumers are awash in a sea of third party accessories of every kind the day the phone comes out. No so with the iPhone 5, thanks to the new Lightning connector and Apple’s stinginess on allowing companies to use the technology. So finally after all this time, there’s an iPhone 5 battery case, and it’s not from Mophie, but from iBattz.

With two 2200mAh batteries, both the Mojo Refuel and rugged Moro Armor can recharge your iPhone 5 up to three times, says the company.

The Refuel is expected to be available next month for $89.90, while the Armor will be available in March for $99.90.

Okay, so it’s not the best news out of CES this year, but it’s something. I love battery cases. Fuck you.


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