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Doctor eats the world’s hottest curry, starts hallucinating halfway

A British doctor has become the first person to finish the world’s hottest curry at a UK restaurant, even though the chef had to wear gloves and goggles to prepare it and even though the good doctor, 55 year old radiologist Ian Rothwell, started hallucinating halfway through.

The curry, which is filled with 20 Naga Infinity Chillis - the second hottest on the planet - is so dangerous to make it has to be prepared by chefs wearing goggles and a face mask.

But Dr Rothwell became the first out of 300 people to successfully tackle the curry at the Bindi restaurant in Grantham, Lincolnshire, on Thursday evening - and said completing the challenge was harder than when he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro last year.

After signing a disclaimer acknowledging his awareness of the risks involved with eating the curry, Dr Rothwell got ate the chicken dish with a bottle of Cobra beer.

Despite walking out of the restaurant half-way through after suffering hallucinations, he returned a short time later when his wife found him wandering along the high street.

And fighting back tears for another hour, Dr Rothwell finally managed to swallow the last mouthful to defeat the dish.

‘I like hot curries and have at least one a week, but this was off the scale,’ he said. ‘It took me about an hour to eat it and I had to stop half way through and go out for a walk and some fresh air.

‘My wife and the owner were quite worried and said I was hallucinating, but I managed to go back inside and finish the curry.’

Mr Rothwell decided to take up the challenge after his daughter Alice’s boyfriend told him his friends had failed to eat the hot curry.


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