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CES 2013: NVIDIA unveils its first handheld game console, Project Shield

Out of all the fancy new TVs and wireless Bluetooth products at CES this year, one of the big surprises came from hardware manufacturer NVIDIA who has decided to branch out of building computer innards to make a game console. The NVIDIA Project Shield is a handheld console, with an LCD screen attached to an Xbox-like controller.

A 5-inch “retinal” HD multitouch display sitting atop a full-on game controller that resembles a blend of the Xbox 360 gamepad’s curves and the PlayStation 3 DualShock 3’s unfortunate analog stick placement, all powered by the newly revealed Tegra 4 quad-core cortex A15 processor. The console’s set to ship in Q2 2013, and it promises stunning graphics for the Android games it’s made to run, as well as a direct streaming option employing NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience application. That means not just Android games, but also full-on PC games, with built-in Steam Big Picture Mode integration. It is, frankly, an impressive package.

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