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Pre-CES, Lenovo announces a 27 inch tabletop tablet

Just ahead of CES, Lenovo held a presser today to show off some of its new gadgets. One that stands alone is the IdeaCentre Horizon 27 Tablet PC. It could be just a normal touchscreen PC, but it’s also a multitouch tablet you can throw down on your coffee table for some serious web surfing, board games or other multi-player games. 

The design is quite similar to the Sony VAIO Tap 20 we saw at IFA, with a built-in stand that supports the screen in an upright position. The 17-pound design feels sturdy, but it’s also very thin, at 27mm (1.1 inches) thick. The blood and guts are what you’d expect of a high-end AIO: processors range from Core i3 to i7, graphics max out at NVIDIA GeForce GT 620M and storage tops off at 1TB.

Users can switch between the Aura moon-dial UI, which is a hub or games, photos and other media, and the standard Windows 8 interface. As you can imagine, the Horizon is ideal for multi-player games, and EA Games has pre-loaded several titles, including Monopoly, that are primed especially for this machine. Incidentally, Lenovo also bundles the Table PC with joysticks and an e-dice. There will also be an optional stand, which supports use in flat table mode as well as desktop mode — with an included keyboard, to boot. Lenovo says pricing will start at “approximately $1,699,” with a release date slated for early summer.


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