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Meet Vladimir Franz, the tattooed professor who wants to be the next president of the Czech Republic

Vladimir Franz is many things… he’s a drama professor with a doctorate in law, an opera singer, a painter and a writer. When you first see him, you’ll also notice he’s covered almost entirely in tattoos, and he wants to be the next president of the Czech Republic. He he were to win, unseating current president Vaclav Klaus, he would be the first mostly tattooed head of state, and that would be fucking awesome.

The wannabe politician, running as an independent, is travelling around his homeland in a bid to get the 50,000 signatures required before the end of the year to run for office. And by Monday - after only his first weekend of campaigning - he had already racked up 8,777 signatures.

The divorced father, whose Facebook campaign page has more than 23,000 likes, is confident the public will take him seriously and that he has a genuine chance of becoming the country’s first publicly-elected President.

Despite his intimidating image, his politics are moderate, promoting tolerance, human rights, democracy and encouraging the search for alternative energy sources.

He told The Prague Post said: ‘Politics, politicians and the state have become alienated from the people. Citizens are frustrated, and I fear radicalisation.

‘Politicians and the state are not the same thing. They do not own the state, but should be its responsible stewards, hired by the owners once every four years. ‘Those owners are the citizens of this country I think I have a chance, not only because I am non-partisan, but as a person without a tarnished political past and an individual free of links to financial circles and their interests.

‘Gathering at least 50,000 signatures for my nomination will be a success, and it will bring hope. It would also be a strong signal that society is finally waking up.

‘I understand I can be hard to read for many people, because until now I’ve only expressed my views through my art. Now I have to formulate them in a decoded language.’


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