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If you’re going to have a mobile meth lab, do it in a Camaro

Meth, meth, meth… everywhere the kids today are making the meth. In a recent mobile meth lab bust in Mishawaka, Indiana, cops found a Camaro decked out with all the meth makings. Camaros make the classiest meth labs.

Mishawaka police found an active meth lab in the parking lot of a Kroger store Wednesday afternoon. Officers were called to the Kroger at 12th St. and Merrifield Ave. shortly after noon. The call was about a suspicious car in the parking lot of the grocery store. Police found 2 people in the car, questioned them, and that led to the discovery of an active meth lab inside their maroon-colored Camaro. Both people were taken to Mishawaka police headquarters. The city’s fire department was on standby, waiting for a cleanup team. Operations at the Kroger store were not affected.


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