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Ouya development kits going out, this thing is really gonna happen

Around the middle of last year, the Android-based Ouya standalone game console raised a whopping $8.5 million in Kickstarter funding, and this past week, development kits went out earlier than expected, giving game developers a head start in developing titles for the new console. 

The official OUYA message board — and even Twitter — are aflutter with excited developers announcing to the world that their development consoles and SDKs are en route and arriving on doorsteps come tomorrow. Initially, the game system’s founders stated that shipping was expected to begin on December 28th, but, now evidently ahead of schedule, everyone who placed an order for the kits should expect to receive their own in a delivery time window up until January 10th.

Though met with criticism, the gaming community and even major developers are putting their faith in OUYA. So far, high profile development studio Square Enix has already shown third-party support with the promise of Final Fantasy III as a launch title. Meanwhile, the OUYA staff is currently in talks with Namco Bandai.


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