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Samsung teases “unprecedented” new TV for CES

CES is just over a week away, and Samsung is already teasing a TV set they say will change the face of TV FOREVER. Now that everyone and their grandmother knows Apple is working on its own game-changing TV, every electronics company on the planet is trying in some way to beat Apple to the punch, and Samsung thinks this magical TV of the future might be it.

In a somewhat vague post on the company’s Samsung Tomorrow blog, an image appears to hint at a translucent portrait TV. “A true innovation of TV design is coming up with a unprecedented new TV shape and timeless design,” says Samsung, with no other details offered up.

Samsung regularly launches prototype TVs at CES, having unveiled a 55-inch OLED and 70-inch 4K ultra high definition display earlier this year. A prototype portrait display doesn’t seem too unusual, but demand for such a size is a real unknown as the majority of modern TVs are shipped with 16:9 displays. With the added possibility of a translucent display, like the ones found on Samsung’s fridges, things start to get a little more interesting.


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